About Us

FTY was established in 2016 by Eyezic and volunteers, Reezy, Suave, and Raven. We're dedicated to showcasing the potential of young people when they have goals set out in front of them. Our services include live event hostings, promotional production, custom clothing (through our partnership with reezy.customs), and live recording.   

We don't cater to the youth, we lead by example in attempts to set a foundation for future generations. When it comes to financial independence and establishing equity, we feel it's best to learn for ourselves.  We're willing to relay all the knowledge we gain to ensure a better tomorrow for the children of Earth.  We are always recruiting like-minded individuals who are willing to put their foot forth in this movement of self sustainability along side us.  Our goals for the future are plentiful and the main focus is to be the change we wish to see in the world. For the youth™ Freedom. Is. INEVITABLE.