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     With all that's going on in the world today, my main concern and priority is to prove to all people on this planet that black lives matter.  It's sad that this still has to be said in 2020.  A lot of my friends have been pushing and working extremely hard for the world to understand how deeply rooted this problem is.  I'm half Jamaican.  I have slavery within my families history when you trace it all back and I believe that's what makes me so passionate about allowing us as black people, all over the world, to have fair opportunities, chances and treatment within the society we're living.  Not only the genetical feelings that I am speaking about due to how deeply rooted this issue is are what surface within my mind.  Personal experience's with the police and racist individuals from where I'm from (Canada) play a role as well obviously.  However I wanted to mention slavery because this is the root cause of a lot of our pain as black people (I personally believe).  

     The other half of my mix is white. I know a lot of us black people have white in our bloodlines somewhere along the line due to slavery and that's why I believe it's something we should continue to speak about so it doesn't keep repeating.  There is still slavery going on today.  The same way that it was happening 400 years ago in certain areas on this globe.  We need to begin to research the companies that we are giving our money to before we blindly support the problem we're looking to destroy.  

     I'm making this post to bring awareness to what is really going on all over the world today and I want to wish all my friends and family the best during these times.  Stay safe and true to yourself; remember who you are.  Do your research and use your own mind.  Try not to let the outside noise drowned out what you know in your heart and soul to be true.  Keep in mind that the youth is the precious gems of the future and we need to keep them protected in order for them to shine tomorrow.

     BLACK LIVES MATTER and all of us want to raise children in a world where we don't have to keep repeating that statement due to the deaths of unarmed, innocent individuals.  We're all tired and have felt so much pain but don't think for a second that doesn't mean we're not ready to fight and keep fighting.  Rest in Peace and Power to all the fallen in this fight and please continue to push forward and believe in yourself.

     You might think you can't do much to help but whatever comes to your mind, act upon it if you believe it's righteous for the cause and to further push equality.  Contact your loved ones and let them know any questions you have if they can help you understand what's going on right now.  Also do not ever forget Harriet Tubman was a 5 foot black woman who freed over 300 black people that were enslaved to Canada through the Underground Railroad.  She said she would have freed 1000s more if they knew they were enslaved... Again stay safe and stay blessed and you might just here back from me soon.